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A gold iPhone inspired by the royal wedding

If you are not into plates, flags and candles celebrating the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, maybe this 24K Gold iPhone is made for you ! In fact, Goldgenie introduced a custom iPhone X made of 24K gold plating, diamonds and an engraving of the newlyweds. Available in only 99 examples, it's numbered and features "The Royal Wedding 2018" inscription on its back.

A luxurious straw by Tiffany and Co.

As plastic straws begin to be banned from restaurants because of their negative impact on the environment (you can't imagine how many plastic straws that cannot be recycled end up in our dear Oceans...), Tiffany and Co. decided to introduce a sterling silver straw in its "Everyday objects" range. Available in rose gold, yellow gold vermeil and plain silver, they are reusable and can be customized with your own engraving. Icing on the cake, the "Tiffany blue" band near the top for a perfect signature moment !

Price: 350$

A rare blue diamond sold for $6.7 million

A rare blue diamond from the European Royal House has been sold during an auction in Geneva for $6.7 million. This is a legacy from Elizabeth Farnes, daughter of the Duke of Parma, who received it in 1715 to celebrate her wedding with King Philip V of Spain. It has already traveled, from generation to generation, from Spain to Italy passing by France and Austria.

The new "it-bag" by Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin loves to celebrate worldwide cultures with its accessories lines. The new one, called "Manilacaba", pays tribute to the Philippines, its colorful traditions and eclectic decorations found on the former vehicles abandoned by American troops after World War II. This signature tote bag mixes logos with spikes and, 10% of the bag's sales profits will be donated to GREAT, an organization supporting women of the Philippines.
Mai 2018
By La rédaction