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The Excelsior in Dubrovnik: A Captivating Stopover!

One must surrender to the charm of Croatia's landscapes and islands, especially the Adriatic gem, Dubrovnik, just a 2-hour direct flight from Paris. Let Katya Pellegrino provide an illustration.

Dubrovnik: A Historic Enclave

The city of Dubrovnik - © EXCELSIOR

A picturesque and historic jewel, Dubrovnik, the capital of southern Croatia, has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979. Despite the deep scars of the last world war and the armed conflict of 1990, Dubrovnik has managed to preserve its treasures: monuments, churches, monasteries, fountains, and palaces in Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles, such as the Sponza Palace, the Rector's Palace, and the Baroque church of St. Blaise. It also became a member of the European Union in 2013. This small capital offers a multitude of attractions, both in terms of tourism and gastronomy, not to mention its cleanliness and safety. While some traces of multiple bombings remain, including bullet impacts on certain walls, everything else has been meticulously reconstructed to its original splendor. Its walls and fortifications date back to the 12th, 13th, and even 17th centuries. As you stroll through its streets, history catches up with us! The sea surrounds it from every viewpoint. Alleys and ramparts are full of surprises, leading to secret gardens or discreet palaces.
A deeply Catholic region (with over 80% of the population), Dubrovnik boasts more than 45 churches and 59 statues of Saint Blaise. Legend has it that the saint predicted the Venetian attack in the year 1000!

The Excelsior: Modern Architecture at its Finest

Outside of the hotel - © EXCELSIOR
Outside of the hotel - © EXCELSIOR

To complete the poetry, rest your head on the plush pillows of The Excelsior Dubrovnik. This 5-star hotel, perched on the hillside, will let you dream while gazing at the azure waters of the Adriatic and the historic city.
The architectural envelope and its spaces play out on different levels, crafting the sensitivity of textures, the fluidity of harmonies, and the innovation of amenities.
The same spirit of openness and serenity is found both in the indoor/outdoor pool area, with its expansive windows, chromatic plays of light, and horizontal lines, and in the rooms, lounges, and restaurants. The historic building, dating back to 1913, has been complemented by a contemporary construction called "The Tower," added in 2017. A completely different yet seamlessly integrated ambience.
In the lobby, the eye is immediately drawn to the breathtaking view of the Adriatic through immense windows that invite in abundant light and sunshine throughout the day.

Sleek Elegance and Rooms Bathed in Radiance

Room of the hotel - © EXCELSIOR
Room of the hotel - © EXCELSIOR
Room of the hotel - © EXCELSIOR

Gracefully spanning across multiple levels, the resplendent chambers and suites are endowed with private balconies and terraces adorned by expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. The renowned Croatian design atelier Franic-Sekoranja found inspiration in the hotel's ethereal setting, infusing it with vibrant hues and contemporary allure.

A masterful fusion of minimalist aesthetics and cutting-edge Nordic design elements graces the interiors. Imagine the grand azure armchairs, invoking the serenity of the sea, or the luminous, plush sofas that evoke a sense of meditative calm, all ensconced in the embrace of the abundant natural luminosity.

The walls and floors exude the luster of pale wood, while the sumptuous bed offers an enchanting vista of the pristine island across, an untamed sanctuary enveloped in luxuriant wilderness, home solely to a historic monastery and the opulent residence once inhabited by Maximilian and his beloved Charlotte. It is a genuine symphony of opulence.

The exterior spaces are adorned with luminous limestone, harmoniously weaving the architecture into the surrounding tableau.

The culinary establishments harmoniously echo this symphony.

Restaurant Prora - © EXCELSIOR
Restaurant Prora - © EXCELSIOR
Restaurant Salin - © EXCELSIOR

With the first sunbeams illuminating the horizon, an enchanting invitation to partake in a morning repast graces the Salin restaurant. Its al fresco terrace presents a sublime vantage point, offering panoramic views of the historic Dubrovnik.
Subsequently, the translucent turquoise embrace of the Adriatic beckons for a refreshing aquatic sojourn from the private quay of the hotel, culminating in repose upon the sunbeds, fostering an idyllic reverie overlooking the boundless cerulean expanse.
As the sun dips below the horizon, having indulged in several maritime interludes, a leisurely promenade to Dubrovnik, mere steps away from the hotel, sets the stage for an evening of epicurean splendor. Guided by the culinary virtuoso Peter Obad, a local luminary, the banquet showcases an assemblage of locally sourced epicurean delights and the day's freshest catches. Tonight, the preeminence goes to succulent oysters and delectable sea bass, presented in culinary creations that transcend mere sustenance and approach the realm of artistry.

This extraordinary symphony is elevated by a symposium of Croatian wines, exceeding all expectations, boasting illustrious vineyards.
To be fully ensnared by its opulence, one must partake in the ethereal delights of the GRK, a melodious elixir from the Isle of Korčula, or perhaps a velvety red from the Konavle Valley

Dining at Bellevue

Bellevue - © EXCELSIOR
Bellevue - © EXCELSIOR

Tomorrow, we will have the pleasure of dining at Bellevue, another esteemed property within the Adriatic Luxury Hotels group, also nestled not far from Dubrovnik. With its contemporary architecture, the hotel boasts a restaurant of glass and aluminum, seamlessly extending into a charming terrace perched above the Adriatic. A delectable dinner awaits us, featuring a succulent crab and lobster salad, as well as Adriatic fish. All of this accompanied by a Plava wine, which, I must say, holds its ground admirably!
The brief 10-minute journey back to the hotel will seamlessly conclude our evening, and the night ahead holds the promise of gentle serenity and soothing comfort.
Here, the hours are more vivid, the days more vibrant, and life itself radiates with luminosity!
Octobre 2023
My Impression
A captivating destination that commands our full attention, with an exquisitely modern and uncluttered hotel situated along the Adriatic shoreline, offering panoramic views of Dubrovnik. With its feet in the water, you can indulge in swimming, lounging, and sun-soaked relaxation on the sunbeds. For a light bite, Prora Beach beckons, right above the waves. In short, all the ingredients for a splendid weekend are in place, accompanied by beautiful and warm weather.

Hotel Excelsior
12 Ulica Frana Supila,
20 000 Dubrovnik, Croatie.
Tél.: +385 20 300 300.