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"Addictive Arts" by Clive Christian

The famous British luxury interiors and perfume company, well-known for its complex and expertly crafted fragrances, introduces "Addictive Arts", a new amazing collection.

British Art of fragrances

This new "Addictive Arts" collection was created to represent a new form of perfume experience, both provocative and decadent, as an expression of the human tendency to excess. That's why, the fragrances from the collection are including several notes coming from famous narcotics such as cocoa leaf, wormwood and opium poppy, no less !

Clive Christian proudly describes the perfumes as intoxication fusions of expertly extracted and uniquely distilled ingredients combined with an extraordinary form of fine perfumery. And of course, it's impossible not to fall in love with these intriguing blue bottles and their crown-shaped plug.

Among the creations, our three favorite ones are the "Vision in a Dream Mesmeric", the "Jump Up and Kiss Me Hedonistic" and the "Chasing the Dragon Euphoric". The first one smells good lime leaf, almonds, galbanum, apple skin and violet leaf with a smoky incense accord of papyrus fused in labdanum and olibanum. The second one, really girly and powdery, mixes soft petals of rose and orange flower, encased in jasmine and ylang ylang. Finally, the one that will make you chase the dragon as a Game of Thrones character is made of pink pepper, fiery ginger, bergamot, black cherry, cinnamon, ambers and basil.
Janvier 2018
By La rédaction
Prices : £525 for 75 ml