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Olivier Lapidus, the new face of Lanvin

Son of Ted Lapidus, famous tailor from the 70's, Olivier Lapidus started his career in France, with Pierre Balmain, then in Japan, before taking back the creative direction of the family Couture House from 1989 to 2000 and receiving the prestigious "Dé D'or" of Haute Couture price in 1994. Already "Avant-gardiste" 25 years ago, he has been nominated as Lanvin new creative director in July 2017 and, introduced his first collection last september, for Paris Fashion Week.

Creations between Luxury and Innovation

In fact, Olivier Lapidus, "avant-gardiste" and pioneer, was the first to mix High Technologies with Haute Couture in the 90's with its solar energy clothes, fibre optic weaving and luminous dresses. As he said : "I was ahead of my time but unfairly criticized back then". Anyway, this never stopped him to follow his instinct. When he moved to China in 2001, he discovered new universes, including the Design field which has helped him to launch his own collection of interior design and furniture. He also created the uniforms of Air China airline company, was a teacher at Beijing Tsinghua University while following his searches on multimedia. Back in Paris in 2003, he created his first hotel, the Felicien, as well as new furniture, glasses and luminous material.

While he was about to launch Creation Olivier Lapidus, a digital Couture House, Miss Wang called him in July 2017 and offered him a position as Creative Director for prestigious Lanvin Couture House. A funny and touching news as Olivier's mother name was also Jeanne. He's not afraid of this challenge, he wants to mix classics from Lanvin with his own and timeless style : game of sleeves, dresses looking like jewels, particular necklines, transparency, clover and metal : "Lanvin already added steel mesh to its sleeves as a hint to Paco Rabanne !". To him, the Lanvin woman is cosmopolitan, living between Paris, Beijing, Dubai and New York. She's sophisticated and proud of herself in any circumstances.

Among his famous creations, we can talk about his perfumed dresses, dresses with sun collectors, dresses made of fruits and vegetables fibres. He also created sporty clothes with programmed deformation for the American Dupont de Nemours and, created the first luminous jacquard for Cédric Brochier as well as tailormade gloves for Lexus.

Octobre 2017