Staying in Pablo Escobar's former villa

Casa Malca, a luxurious boutique-hotel located in Pablo Escobar's former villa, unveils the mysterious powers of nature as celebrated centuries ago by the Mayans...

Mexican heaven

No drugs nor guns here but, contemporary art and extreme comfort. Casa Malca is the former villa of Pablo Escobar, turned into a luxury boutique-hotel in Tulum, old Maya City located on the Yucatan peninsula, on Riviera Maya at the South West of Mexico. Owning this new resort, an art dealer who didn't hesitate in highlighting the place's design with pieces from his own collection between Jean-Michel Basquiat and Kaws, no less.

For the little story, the property was left abandoned when Pablo Escobar died in 1993. Ten years later, its first owner decided to take it back before selling it to the actual owner in 2012. Now, you can stay in this private mansion of only nine rooms, facing the white sand private beach of 180 meters. Since your arrival, after having followed a winding road full of palm trees, you are facing a forecourt adorned with Persian rugs.

Then, you just have to push the giant entrance door hidden in a wall covered with tree barks to discover all of the villa's treasures. It features paintings and sculptures worthing a few million dollars, white and luminous walls, polished concrete floors, red velvet curtains, a restaurant, a swimming-pool joining a sauna looking like a cave with multicolored lights, swings and a spiral staircase leading you to the Rooftop with its bar and panoramic view on the lush tropical nature.

Juillet 2017
By La rédaction