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A new SIR hotel in Amsterdam

SIR just opened its third hotel in Amsterdam. This newborn is located inside A'DAM Toren famous tower, also hosting Sony, Gibson and MassiveMusic offices. This trendy hotel, perfect for music lovers, features 108 rooms with industrial-chic design (vinyls, record players, Gibson guitar, raw concrete pillars, benches with views on the skyline...), a co-working space, a concept store, a Music Library with vinyls, a burger restaurant, an Island bar, a riverside terrace with live performances and Dj sets and a panoramic bar called The Beegarden.

A new Porsche experience Center in Los Angeles

This new playground is really modern with its glass structure, fresh asphalt and green lawn everywhere. Here, you can rent and buy luxurious cars and enjoy two restaurants (Speedster Café and the 917). It's also the new headquarters of Porsche Motorsports North America and, owners of classic race-cars can have their vehicle restored there. Of course, you can also try and drive luxurious cars on off-road courses and high-speed straightaways, like the 718 Boxter, the Cayman or the 911 Turbo and 911 GT3.

A new collaboration between Four Seasons and Louis XIII Cognac

Starting in April, every 13th of the month, you will be able to taste the famous and really expensive Louis XIII Cognac in the Royal Suite or the Ty Warner Penthouse of Four Seasons New York. The package also includes a meeting with Philippe Vasilescu who will tell you more about the story of this precious alcohol. Other bonuses, a four-course dinner inspired by the Cognac's flavors (lobster, foie gras, roasted Crescent Farms duck...) but also a set of crystal glasses provided by Rémy Martin and an invitation to discover Rémy Martin Estate and Louis XIII cellars with cellar master Baptiste Loiseau once you're in France.

New Heritage Gallery by Jaeger-LeCoultre

The watch manufacturer from Vallée de Joux welcomes a new space dedicated to Jaeger-LeCoultre heritage. A great occasion to discover the past of the prestigious brand through its most beautiful pieces. We also discover that, since the 19th Century, the manufacturer was furnishing most of the great watch Houses in movements. A Patek Philippe watch with a LeCoultre movement is exposed here for the first time, illustrating the slogan "the horologist of horologists". The space also welcomes a restoring workshop for old pieces where horologists are working quietly behind their workbenches, behind a glass window.
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