Mercedes Maybach S650, a luxurious and really limited convertible supercar

Only 300 models for 300 000€, be swift !


With its amazing and sophisticated look as well as sportive lines, the very first convertible car by Mercedes Maybach will join the garage of its future owners by Spring 2017. Only 300 unique models are on sale for no less than... 300 000€. The car's main asset are its four seats, perfect for a seaside trip with friends or family. Its V12 6L engine of 638 horsepower is also inescapable.

The convertible car also plays the design card with its chic and dynamic shape, chrome elements, prestigious Maybach logo, nine unique colors, lifestyle gadgets, leather luggages with Maybach logos and color fitting with the car, matched tarp and key ring made of Nappa leather. A sure bet, ostentatious in just the right way.

Janvier 2017
By La rédaction