The Ultimate yacht by Mercedes

After its luxury cars, the German manufacturer is ready to unveil a brand new yacht : the Arrow 460-Granturismo, a Mercedes-Benz Style creation that will cost 1,7 millions of dollars.

Mercedes on the oceans....

This amazing yacht which nickname is " Silver Arrows of the Seas", is 14 meters in length. It has been imagined by both Mercedes and Silver Arrow Marine, a British nautical construction company. With its both luxurious and futuristic design, the Arrow 460-Granturismo is one of the most innovative boat in the world. On board, you will find all of Mercedes codes, especially for colors, lines and materials, in accordance with comfortable spaces and high performances.

The yacht can welcome up to 10 people who will ride thanks to a 960 horsepower-motor. Huge bay windows, beds, extensible tables, luxurious bathrooms, dressings and wine cellar are also part of the adventure. The first tests were very successful and took place off the French Riviera of Nice.
Mai 2016
By La rédaction