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Beauty: Our crush for this summer!

Summer is here. The sun is shining and skin is coming out. To stay on top at all times and preserve your skin, Luxe Magazine shares with you its crush signed Bellefontaine.
Corrective contour lips day and night, a lips volumizing and nutri-smoothing lip balm. The first one will firm and smooth the contour of the lips thanks to the synergistic action of Biopolymer proteins taken from sweet almond. In short, say goodbye to wrinkles thanks to a lasting moisture of your lips.

Corrective contour lips day and night

The lips volumizing stimulates collagen synthesis by restoring elasticity and shape to lips. The result is immediate, giving a voluptuous and glamor effect to the lips, without the annoying tingling sensation that can be sometimes found in this type of product.

Lips Volumizing

Finally, the nutri-smoothing lip balm uses shea butter combined with Jojoba Oil to moisturize, soften and restructure lips. A smooth, non-sticky formula that creates a protective shield against external aggressions and dehydration. A four-step ritual which certainly takes a bit of your time each day but guarantees a XXL smile and perfect lips!

  Nutri-smoothing lip balm

Price: around 660 euros the kit with 4 products.
Juin 2015
By La rédaction