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Let the seasonal fragrances seduce you

Seasons change and so do fragrances. Let the new season inspire you and try one of these delicious fragrances selected by Luxe-Magazine to get ready for Summer!

40 years of excellence

Aromatics Elixir, the fragrance by Clinique, celebrates this year its 40th birthday and not a wrinkle. Intriguing and non-conformist, this perfume touches the senses and spirit in a subtle, pleasing way. With notes of rose, jasmine, ylang ylang this is a fragrance that brings out the individuality in women.




The Oriental Cologne

L'Atelier Cologne decided to revisit its timeless essence Ambre Nue, offering a percentage of 18% Cologne.






Rockin' Rio

Escada's Rockin' Rio is a fun, seductive aroma that brings you the warmth of the sun to your skin. The perfect fruity daytime fragrance when temperatures rise ...

Mars 2012