Delamain: the art of cognac

The declaration of fidelity and faith has been a constant feature of the Delamain family, ever since James Delamain came back from Ireland in 1759, to form a partnership with his father-in-law, Jean Isaac Ranson
A taste of originality

Enter the world of Delamain with the Grande Champagne Cognac. The most limited edition of all, Delamain's "Family Reserve" is a very old and rare unblended Cognac which comes from a single cask. This limited edition is reserved to the House’s most discerning customers. For those looking for an initiation in the exciting world of Cognac, the Pale and Dry X.O is probably the most representative product. It's a very bright and intense cognac that will perfectly suit all amateurs. This year Delamain has an interesting newcomer in their family of excellence, a bespoke cognac definitly worth to try, the Delamain Vintage 1981. With just 508 bottles available worldwide, this cognac will seduce true connoisseurs, with its unique quality of an old Grande Champagne Cognac. After 30 years of waiting in the « Vintage » cellar, we finally can enjoy this gem of the Delamain family.
Février 2012