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Be a part of the next celebration!It’s almost as if The Macallan and Highland Park have given each other a heads up! Both of these famous Single Malt distilleries are indulging us this year with gift sets, each of which is hovering around the £10 000 mark. Another great Christmas gift set is Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII, a historical cognac to mark the events to come ...

The Macallan: Elementary, my dear Watson!

Albert Watson (Scottish photographer of nude Kate Moss prints) has teamed up with the famous Scottish single malt distillery, The Macallan, to produce 36 new limited edition gift sets, each comprising a bottle of The Macallan 1946 and accompanied by a one-off platinum print created by Watson himself. Another 1000 box sets will be available and will contain a bottle of The Macallan Sherry Oak 20-year-old whisky as well as a specially commissioned set of 10 portfolio prints taken by Albert Watson and retracing the history of The Macallan casks.

Highland Park at its best

Two centuries after its creation, the Highland Park distillery is now one of the few distilleries to malt its own barley and to kiln dry the malt using peat from its own moorlands. To celebrate this know-how and the meticulous care taken to produce such exceptional malts, the Highland Park whisky house is this year unveiling a prestigious Highland Park 50 Year Old, of which just 275 will be produced. This unique single malt boasts a burnished mahogany colour with spicy tannins and muscovado sugar flavours.


Oak wood, crystal and Louis XIII

Five kilos of molten crystal have been blown to hold the Louis XIII, all of which is protected by an oak wood case. With a capacity four times greater than that of the traditional Jeroboam, Rémy Martin has certainly pulled out all the stops. Each carafe is unique and accompanied by a pipette, a tool usually reserved to the house’s Cellar Masters, and four crystal tasting glasses.
This is an impressive collector’s item, allowing you to discover and share the unique taste of Louis XIII. With its floral notes and spicy tones, the Louis XIII lingers in the mouth for over an hour after tasting and certainly knows how to delight the palates of cognac-lovers.
This boxed set is available in limited edition only, of course, since all good things are hard to come by, and will be reserved for just a privileged few. 

Décembre 2011
L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

The Macallan

Highland Park

Jeroboam Louis XIII