The secrets of Turkey

With 21 sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, Turkey is brimming with lesser-known archaeological treasures.

The Roman City of Aizanoi

The Roman City of Aizanoi - © Tourism Office of Turkey

Famous for its Temple of Zeus (the best-preserved in Anatolia), the ancient Roman city of Aizanoi is one of the largest archaeological complexes in Asia Minor. An important political and economic center, the site preserves the remains of its theater, stadium, baths, and above all, its macellum: the world's first commercial exchange building when Aizanoi prospered from grain cultivation, wine production, and wool.
The Roman City of Aizanoi - © Tourism Office of Turkey

In the same area, Kütahya offers numerous temples and outdoor altars dedicated to the mother goddess Cybele, and rock-carved tombs. Among the most impressive and unmissable are those of Kaunos, an important ancient port city. Its rock-cut tombs built in the fourth century BC can be reached by boat in 10 minutes from Dalyan. A truly beautiful expedition.
For enthusiasts of preserved sites, take a boat trip to İztuzu Beach, a nature reserve where you can observe turtles swimming.

Kibrya, City of Gladiators

Kibrya, City of Gladiators - © Tourism Office of Turkey

In the Burdur region, Kibyra, the ancient city of gladiators, water flows once again! One must see its 2000-year-old fountain, freshly restored, the Odeon with its mosaic of Medusa, and of course, the stadium where gladiator fights took place.
A little detour to Sagalassos, to Lake Saldas with its white sandy beach is a must!
Kibrya, City of Gladiators - © Tourism Office of Turkey

The Ancient City of Priene

Near the town of Güllübahçe, in the province of Aydın, the ancient city of Priene, with its grid plan, is a masterpiece of ancient urbanism. Ruled by the Seleucid and Pergamon kingdoms during the Hellenistic period, Priene later came under Roman rule.
In the surrounding areas, one can visit the charming port city of Kuşadası to enjoy a blue cruise and its flower-filled streets.
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