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The Esthederm Age Proteom Serum: A Challenge to Wrinkles and Time!

The Esthederm Age Proteom Serum embodies an almost magical promise—to slow down the process of skin aging while enhancing its reparative mechanisms. This revolutionary creation, born from Esthederm's expertise, commands our attention as it signifies a significant advancement in the realm of beauty.

Scientific Foundation

Esthederm Age Proteom Serum: - © ESTHEDERM

The allure of Esthederm's Age Proteom lies in the groundbreaking scientific discovery achieved by NAOS Aging Science. This serum exerts enduring influence over all aspects of skin aging, from fine lines and loss of firmness to uneven complexion, lackluster appearance, and reduced skin density. Achieving this feat, it leverages patented biotechnology derived from an almost "immortal" microorganism, evolving into a veritable protective shield that preserves the protome—the key player in the skin aging process.


Therapeutic Revolution

NAOS's innovative approach to protome preservation might very well signal a true revolution in the realm of anti-aging cosmetics. According to Isabelle Benoit, NAOS's Director of Research, safeguarding the protome represents a new therapeutic strategy, given that damage to this structure lies at the heart of age-related diseases and skin aging. With unwavering conviction, she asserts that just as protecting the protome at an organism level helps prevent age-related diseases, safeguarding the skin's protome helps stave off the primary signs of skin aging. This proactive approach, targeting the root causes rather than superficial effects, underscores the depth of insight.

In terms of formulation, this serum-lotion entices with its lightweight and velvety texture, suitable for all skin types. Its meticulously crafted formulation offers a delicate and delightful sensory experience, elevating the daily skincare ritual.

Pricing: €95 for 30ml.
Septembre 2023
By Natacha Pavol