Fly me to the moon...

If you're looking for a fun and unforgettable way to get married, ApoteoSurprise uses all the incredible scenarios the romance has to offer...

Breathtaking proposals

Over the past 10 years, ApoteoSurprise agency by Nicolas Garreau has been proposing wonderful scenarios for your wedding proposals. Thus, the bridegroom can choose between 30 scenarios as romantic as original ! Our favorite ? The wedding proposal in Paris and Montmartre streets where artists and actors are plotting to create the surprise, the one in a Cinderella coach passing by the most romantic places and the one around... the moon !

This last one will be available in 2022, for the sizeable price of 125,000,000 euros. The scenario ? The lovers are flying from Kennedy Space Center located in Cap Canaveral, Florida, and enjoy the same space journey as the 1968 Appolo 8 mission's one. After few preparation steps and health checks, the lovebirds donned their space suits and get into the rocket to travel through outer space ! When the vibrations are turning into smoothness as the first effects of weightlessness appear, the "Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Op. 30" symphonic poem by Strauss resonates to rock hearts.

The future spouses' shuttle will already be at more than 38,000 km/h when they will be able to admire the Earth from space while getting closer to the moon and its craters. Once orbiting around the "lamp of night" (almost three days will have passed since the take-off), they will overfly the moon's surface at only 200/300 kilometers of altitude. Then, during about 30 minutes, they will be the only ones in the world (and space) and will be able to get engaged, dancing to the rhythm of "Fly me to the moon" by Sinatra. A daydream for eternal romantics.
Juin 2018
By La rédaction