Solarwave 64 "Cruiser", a 0% pollution yacht

Thanks to its solar panels, the Solarwave 64 "Cruiser" is a unique yacht, original floating villa crossing the oceans without polluting them. Focus.

Bye bye gasoline !

If the yachts owners are among the luckiest in the world, they still often complain about the strong smell of fuel and the engine noise of their floating villa... Thanks to the Solarwave 64 "Cruiser", their worries fly away thanks to a power provided by a solar panels installation, banishing gasoline. It features 15kW of photovoltaic sheets connected to 100kWh batteries and, as confirmed by Ned Ship, spokesperson of the Turkish shipyard : "We have achieved an unlimited and complete autonomy only depending on the solar roof."

Thus, say goodbye to pollution and fine particles and hello to this luxurious and powerful yacht of 64 feet and 18 tons reaching 10 knots. During its testing phase, it has already traveled 19 000 kilometers unhindered. As for its confort, it features two terraces, five cabins, a retractable roof for sunbathing, an equipped kitchen, a laundry, an air-conditioned living-room with television... Its price ? 2.5 millions of euros.

Juin 2018
By La rédaction