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Steve Martin Paris, the Proficient Perfumer Collection

If you are looking for exclusive and original fragrances, look no further than the Proficient Perfumer Collection by Steve Martin Paris, a fragrance line made of 6 handcrafted masterpieces.

The work of a true master

The Proficient Perfumer Collection features 6 fragrances, perfect for collectibles lovers. Each perfume bears the name of a famous river as "Nile", "Volga" but also "Euphrates" for example. They incorporate natural and rare elements used by the civilization around the named river. As for the bottles, they are handmade thanks to an assembly process taking over 3 working days to complete with custom-made parts. The ingredients and material used are of the highest quality, meeting the French Luxury and international standards. Of course, the line is available in limited editions.

The "Yamuna River" fragrance

This one is inspired by a royal love story taking place in the majestic marvel of Taj Mahal. Moreover, the Yamuna River is an Indian beauty, symbol of harmony. For the short story, in 1469, Ghiyath Shahi, Sultan of Malwa, wrote a book called "Book of Delights" considered as a great reference for perfumes and fashion among other themes. The fragrance is a captivating twist of nature’s aroma blossoming, like a rose spicing your passion.

The "Volga River" fragrance

This fragrance is a tribute to "Mother Volga", the Russian and longest flow in Europe. As Russian are famous for their history, architecture and artistic tastes, their involvement in essences came from the need to fulfill the sophisticated tastes of royals, nobles and artists. The romantic fragrance is a swan queen blossoming smelling good jasmine out of the notes of Tchaikovsky and rose sliding on a violin string.

The "Euphrates River" fragrance

A real tribute to this very important part of the world, cradle of civilisations between the Sumerians and the Babylonians. A cuneiform tablet dating back to 2000 BC describes a lady called Tapputi Belatikallim known to be the oldest reference in perfumery chemistry dating back to 3300 BC. She worked at the royal household making essential oils using aromatic flowers, herbs, animal fat and leather through a primitive distillation process. This essence is a blend of the sown flowers on the royal parade passing through the Ishtar Gate and a passionate night in the Hanging Gardens.

Other fragrance, the "Nile River" one paying tribute to the Egyptians, their aromatic flowers, essences as gifts to Gods and Queen Nefertiti, smelling good jasmine. As for the "Mississippi River" fragrance, its bouquet takes off with the sunset mist, smelling good rosemary, cedar, wood and musk as a reference to the Native Americans' use of perfumes as beauty accessories but also healing process.
Avril 2018