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Drink Wow !

This brand new beverage is made of healthy ingredients and cold pressed flavors with no sugar added or anything artificial. If you are a fruit lover, you will love the "Chia Seed Drinks" , a line full of vegan protein, fibre and omega 3 combined with orange/mango/carrot,apple/spinach/kiwi, watermelon/pomegranate and blueberry/pear/lemon. If you are more daring, you will try the "Dark Detox" line, 100% natural with low calorie, made of juice (lemon or raspberry or lemon/mint), water and activated charcoal. Enjoy !

A gold-infused olive oil

With olives coming from olive trees grown on the famous Mount Olympus, the home of gods, in Greece, Myst is an inescapable olive oil, produced since 1950 and sold in a bullet-shaped sophisticated bottle. The funniest part ? The oil is infused with authentic 24 karat gold and, you can see golden flakes floating through the glass bottle. Moreover, this extra virgin olive oil contains aromas of herbs, citrus fruits and floral hints with remarkable length while being exceptionally balanced.

Pasta by...Dolce & Gabbana !

In love with their Italian traditions, Dolce & Gabbana signed the new look of Di Martino pasta. The new packaging is inspired by real postcards from Italy with a Mediterranean and vintage design. The collection features Spaghetti, Penne Mezzani Rigate, Mista Corta (small shapes coming from the old families habit to keep various pasta shapes left-overs and put them altogether into a single soup) and classic Neapolitan Paccheri. No mentioning the colorful apron to wear Haute Couture in the kitchen !
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