Midtown Manhattan, three new attractions

The most active business district in New York, famous for its skyscrapers welcoming prestigious hotels and companies, its Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center and Grand Central Terminal station, is offering brand new attractions for your upcoming getaways in the Big Apple. Follow the guide !

A new museum dedicated to spying

Here is a both cultural and fun-filled experience, not far away from Central Park, for young and old ! Since February 16th 2018, Midtown Manhattan welcomes SPYSCAPE, the largest interactive spying museum in the world, full of cutting-edge technologies and innovative experiences (hacking techniques, decoding, lasers...). The James Bond wannabees will trace the History of spying with, for example, a room dedicated to the nazis secret codes' decoding by the British secret services during the Second World War. Inescapable.

Texas in New York

Feeling like a Country night with friends or family ? The Opry City Stage, cultural and entertainment center dedicated to Country music and South of the USA's culture is waiting for you. At the heart of Times Square, it features a restaurant offering South gastronomy as the famous waffles and fried chicken, some live and acoustic performances, concerts broadcast on giant screens and a huge bar for unforgettable party nights.

National Geographic Encounter : Ocean Odyssey

Famous National Geographic magazine offers a brand new fascinating experience based on sea bed exploration. Here, you walk through a virtual aquarium, broadcasting "larger than life" pictures and sounds from the Ocean. Sharks, fishes, giant octopuses and whales are waiting for you between 3D glasses, screenings, holograms and touchpads. A nice way to talk about aquatic biodiversity and its protection thanks to original technologies giving the impression that you are at the heart of the Ocean (staying dry !).
Mars 2018
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