A yacht looking like a canoe...

Oceanco, Dutch boat builder specialized in custom-made megayachts, introduces "Tuhura", a new uncommon superyacht breaking the rules and flirting with a canoe/Polynesian pirogue design...

A surprising design

During the latest Dubai International boat show, the Dutch from Oceanco introduced "Tuhura" (exploration in Maori), a skinny superyacht of 115 meters in length, created in collaboration with design studio Lobanov and British interior designer Achille Salvagni, famous in Westminster. Its canoe design is a tribute to the Polynesians and their passion for exploratory trips, as they are used to travel around the Pacific Ocean thanks to skinny and robust boats.

If the shape is very similar to popular canoes, the interior design is really luxurious and full of cutting-edge technology. The interior is adorned with teak wood, bronze and tatami floors as a tribute to Pacific islands and East Asia's favorite materials. The living-room, really cozy, is built around beautiful round bench seats as well as a central fireplace, really sophisticated. We also love the connectivity on board, with some electronic controls for the heating and air-conditioning systems, the music, video, lights and blinds.

As for the technical innovations, the boat features an Azipod® CRP by ABB modern hybrid propulsion system in its hull as well as horizontal panoramic windows, almost invisible from the outside. Finally, "Tuhura" is equipped with a 360° room dedicated to information and interactive conception.

Mars 2018
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