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Paris Fashion Week and its rising stars

During the latest Paris Fashion Week, Luxe Magazine attended several shows of Haute Couture rising stars. Zoom.

Rani Zakhem, fearless

The Lebanese designer introduced his Couture collection for the first time in Paris. An ode to the "volcano woman", a sexy, "fatale" and determined creature of modern times. Rani doesn't hesitate in being inspired by the greatest for his masterpieces. He pays tribute to Balmain, Yves Saint Laurent and Jean-Louis Scherrer's touches.

Ziad Nakad, The wonderful world

We loved the mermaid dress made of feathers, worn by French Miss Universe, Iris Mittenaere, during the Miss France 2018 ceremony. It was a creation by talented Ziad Nakad. For this Paris Fashion Week, he strikes even harder with a spotlight fashion show. Following the lead of Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad, discover the magical dresses of a dreamy designer.

Dany Atrache, play on styles and colors

For this Paris Fashion Week, the Lebanese designer caused disturbances in his guests' minds. He chose a really private boudoir to introduce his collection in a romantic and hushed atmosphere. Eclecticism, charm and sensuality were the keywords. We discovered a play on material between laces, silk and pearls, with lingerie inspirations.

Laskaris, the power of shapes

For this collection, Laskaris paid tribute to one of the strongest women ever, Olympias, mother of Alexander the Great and the one who whispered in the ear of snakes. The extravagant designer introduced a powerful, colorful and energetic collection as a tribute to Greek legacy.
Février 2018