Iunx, fragrances to discover imperatively

Because there is not only Serge Lutens and Frédéric Malle who officiate in the exclusive area of ​​niche fragrances, Luxe Magazine invites you to discover a perfumer (or lady-perfumer we should say) with boundless freedom and fragrances that captivate you. Direction (the now unavoidable) rue de Tournon to discover the discrete but thrilling creations of Olivia Giacobetti under the Iunx brand. An insider address.

Back to Paris

Some may still remember, Iunx had already taken up residence in 2003 in the rue de l'Université before settling in 2006 in the boutique shop of the Costes Hotel. A year ago, the brand came back stronger and freer than ever with a new shop right in the middle of the Rue de Tournon, the new Avenue Montaigne, but better, close to the Saint-Sulpice Church. Amidst shops like Pierre Marcolini, Oh My Cream, Bonpoint or Cire Trudon in this exclusive shopping area between rue de Tournon and the rue de Seine, Iunx, the den of purity and discretion, has found the perfect place.

A rebellious shop

Gigantic bottles, minimalist black and white, luminous testers, scents of straw, burned earth, black elder, sugar cane ... in this explosive universe, far from mass perfumery, it is not uncommon to be overwhelmed by emotions. We also gladly discover the candle collection that we test with long bars of scented wax. In terms of quality, all these exclusive fragrance series saw the light in Grasse. It is in the heart of this city in the South of France, forever associated with perfumes, that Olivia Giacobetti selects the natural essences for her formulas. With no less than 400 raw materials to choose from, Iunx stands for timeless and intimate fragrances. So, close your eyes and embark on a trip

Janvier 2018