Ready to go back in time ?

No anti-wrinkle cream here but, some scientific discoveries letting us envisage a world where we could master our telomeres by combating our oxidant stress and where our chromosomes could enjoy a rejuvenation. Behind these quite uncommon names, a reality to remember : the time machine might not be that fictional...

What is your biological age ?

Since the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2009, awarded to Elizabeth H. Blackburn for her work on telomeres, we have learned that we are as old as our telomeres are ! You don't know anything about telomeres ? Just remember that they look like small caps located at the end of the chromosomes, allowing your body to enjoy a good cell replication. In fact, cells spend their lives multiplying, repairing, duplicating but, as we age, the photocopy alters itself, as if it forgot to bring a part of the original's edges (sunk costs as the printers would say). That's where the telomeres are taking action : they protect our cells' codes as if they were bubble wrap. Because, if you're talking about bad cell duplication, you're obviously talking about aging and other degenerative diseases.

And, that's where we can intervene : the telomeres tend to shorten with age, but also under the influence of a bad life hygiene. That's what we call oxidant stress. So, to protect our neurons and the size of our telomeres, we have to control the balance of our protective antioxidants. But, before anything else, you have to make an oxidant stress balance sheet to identify your telomere's index and biological age.

Prediction and prevention

After a blood test, you can have your telomere's index. Now, you can call Jean-François Bezot, Vice-President of French Society of Anti-aging Medicine, to make your Biopredix balance sheet and kill your oxidant stress to find back all of your physical and intellectual abilities and combat your premature aging. Here, we're talking about medicine of the future. Not the one that treats the symptom but, the one that predicts and attacks it. The one that extends our telomeres and our life expectancy. In short, the heart of the matter.

Food supplements in an healthy body

Once you're done with your trace elements, fatty acids and food tolerances' balance sheet, you have to find some good food supplements for an healthier life hygiene. Thanks to the treatment made of stem cells and marine's peptides, you're launching back your "cell replication machine" and extend your telomeres. A dream. Then, you go for a varied feeding regime + sports. Fruits, vegetables, zinc (oysters, veal liver), fish, omega-3 fatty acids, relaxation, meditation and whole grains : the recipe for eternal youth and cellular level changes !

Septembre 2017
Jean-François Bezot