Amanyangyun, the Chinese Abu Simbel

This is the most challenging project by Aman Group, Amanyangyun will open its doors in the fall, at Shanghai's city-center border, in a genuine forestry village with historical houses from Ming and Qing eras.

Behind the luxurious resort, an heritage restoration project

First of all, just know that the name of this new Aman resort comes from "Yang Yun" words (feed the clouds) that were written on the plate of one of the Yang Wing pavilions belonging to Qianlong emperor, built almost 300 years ago. If the hotel group got us used to luxurious resorts in perfect harmony with their natural environment, this new really challenging project was born of the desire of conservation of the Chinese businessmen and philanthropist, Mister Ma Dadong, who wanted to preserve the natural and architectural treasures of his native region, the Jiangxi. The emergency was such that the construction of a dam in the region was threatening to gulp down forever old villages from Ming and Qing dynasties as well as a forest of thousand years old camphor trees.

The Chinese dream

The resort covers a whole village of houses saved from engulfment, displaced and restored, surrounded by a forest of camphor trees over 30 meters in height that were transplanted in their original breeding ground. At the end, almost 30 traditional houses were turned into villas, Antique villas with four rooms, dominated by wooden, stone and bamboo with private swimming-pool, contemporary Club Suites with one room, a fireplace and an indoor yard as well as Aman Residences intended for sale. The whole resort is spreading over 40 hectares, at the heart of thousand years old trees and lakes.

At the heart of the resort, you will find Nan Shufang, a contemplation, learning and debate place offering several cultural activities, tea ceremonies and classes of old calligraphy. The whole project was designed by Kerry Hill Architects who also imagined Aman Tokyo and Amanemu. Gastronomy lovers will sharpen their taste buds in six different restaurants including one opened all day long, another with Chinese cuisine, a Club Lounge and a Coffee by the lake. No mentioning the famous Aman Spa with its holistic approach, treatment rooms, High tech fitness center and great thermal facilities.

Mai 2017
By La rédaction