The most astounding restaurants in the world

At the foot of a waterfall, at the heart of Indian Ocean, inside a monster's giant skeleton or in a Kenyan's cave, where will you have diner to get off the beaten track ?

"Labassin Waterfall" in the Philippines

What about having lunch at the foot of a waterfall, in a green setting at the heart of the nature ? The Labassin Waterfall restaurant offers you this unusual experience inside Villa Escudero, at San Pablo in the Philippines. Seat with your family or friends around big tables made of bamboos and, taste the best of local gastronomy. For the most courageous, they can swim or stretch their legs in the waterfall clear water, perfect to cool down as Philippines weather is really hot and humid. The waterfall serves as natural air conditioning for the restaurant ! If you are lucky, you will enjoy a local concert or traditional dance show.

Ali Barbour's Cave in Kenya

At Ukunda city, in Kenya, a 180 000 years old cave is hidden, turned into a restaurant by George and Jackie Barbour. Here, you enjoy diner in an open-pit natural cave (only restrooms and kitchen are not original) and, you savor crabs, mango shrimps, Indian oysters, beef carpaccio, feta and spinach falafels, lobster with garlic butter and flambéed bananas. A must try !

H.R. Giger Bar in Switzerland

In the small mediaeval city of Gruyères, in Switzerland, the designer, plastician, graphic artist and illustrator Hans Ruedi Giger, father of Cinema's most legendary creature, Alien, imagined a strange bar, part of the museum dedicated to his universe (really dark) and to Ridley Scott movie. If the youngest might be frightened by this setting looking like a giant skeleton, adults and science-fiction lovers will be fascinated by this unique design between demons, fossils, bones, skulls, vertebra chairs and goth details. Sensitive people, be careful !

The Rock in Zanzibar

A lovely spot, perfect for couples ! In fact, this restaurant nestled and perched on a rock, looking like Robinson lodge at the heart of Indian Ocean, invites you to savor delicious seafood before going back to the beach (by swim, by foot or by boat depending on the tide). At the menu, local fishing and breathtaking view !
Mai 2017
By La rédaction