Three surprising innovations

A connected Earth globe, headphones perfect for your focusing and a new friend with artificial intelligence for your car, focus on our three latest technological crushes.

A connected Earth globe

If our old Earth globes are now part of our vintage decoration, Orboot brings some freshness to this old tool, inescapable for kids to learn their geography. Linked to a really playful application, the globe's different points can be scanned thanks to a smartphone or digital tablet, so the kids can learn more about a region, a country or a city (sound effects, immersive experience, 3D details...). For example, they discover the noise of a lion roaring in its natural habitat, the most beautiful monuments in the world in 3D (Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal...), every country's food specialty, natural wonders between volcanos and mountains, unknown countries' traditions and meteo conditions in real time.

Price : starting at 30€ (price variations depending on the number of functions selected)

Headphones perfect for your focussing

Mindset is a brand new kind of headphones, designed to raise your focusing. Thanks to a system already used to treat attention deficit disorder and to measure focussing, it alerts you when it feels you are absent-minded. Really sophisticated, the headphones can be connected by Bluetooth but also by an AUX cable if the battery is low. Very light, it also enjoys an anti-noise technology isolating you from outside noises and, really comfortable cushions against headache.

Price : 230€ (Delivery in December 2017)

An uncommon co-pilot

Jealous wives and husbands can be reassured, this new "Chris" you are talking to every single day isn't a nickname for "Christopher" or "Christine" but a new mobile device imagined by German Autolabs. This new digital friend equipped with artificial intelligence talks to you during your car trips in order to entertain you but also prevent your loss of concentration while driving and answer your questions (as Siri does). It also features a GPS, a radio and, it connects you to Facebook, Whatsapp as well as to your calls, emails and text messages. Chris also knows how to be funny by criticizing your musical tastes for example...

Price : 179€ for the first buyers then 299€ (Delivery in December 2017)
Avril 2017
By La rédaction