La Siriola restaurant's chocolate room

Go straight to the Hotel Ciasa Salares in the Dolomites to discover the first Italian chocolate room with the largest selection of chocolate in Italy. Let your imagination and gluttony run through 60 varieties of fine chocolate from all around the world, along with ten unique own produced flavors.

It's all about chocolate

Don't think about your diet anymore and go straight to La Siriola Michelin starred restaurant to discover the Chocolate room. This new place introduces 60 varieties of fine chocolate sourced from Venezuela, Brazil, Tanzania, Madagascar and Colombia among others. Sicilian chocolate known as Modica, made of hand ground cocoa beans and sugar, is also proudly represented as this has been a culinary institution since the 16th century.

In addition to these traditional and prestigious chocolates, the selection boasts ten new and homemade chocolate flavors as raspberry, hay and wasabi. Matteo Metullio, the youngest Michelin starred Chef in Italy who runs La Siriola says that the Chocolate Room aims to explore the chocolate world at its finest. Here, the tasting experiences can be endless. One day, you will enjoy Modica Aztec chocolate, the day after you will go for some Tanzania fruity chocolate. Or maybe, you will taste the homemade wasabi chocolate that the restaurant internally produces or, the Gianduja chocolate with gorgonzola cheese and a glass of Porto Rosso wine...

Chef Matteo Metullio
Janvier 2017
By La rédaction