TWG Tea, the best of Tea since 2008

Comfortably settled in Ritz Paris coaches, we discover with pleasure the top of the range tea from TWG. Founded in 2008 by Taha Bouqdib, French man with Moroccan origins, this tea empire is now represented in 42 countries all around the world.

A luxurious tea or nothing

Calling itself "The finest luxury tea brand in the world", TWG, tea house founded and based in Singapore, offers the best of brewed tea thanks to some top of the range raw materials, mainly coming from Asia. In 1993, its President and co-founder Taha Bouqdib, French man with Moroccan origins, settled in Paris to work in the tea industry. From France to Japan, he specializes in luxurious tea before definitely settle in Singapore to be as close as possible to plantations and bring his European knowledge to the Asian tea market.

Maranda Barnes and Taha Bouqdib, both founders of TWG Tea

In 2008, TWG was born. Now, the brand is international, active in 42 countries, with 10 stores in Singapore as well as stores/teahouses in prestigious cities as London, Hong Kong, Dubai and Tokyo (56 stores in total). In February 2014, Taha Bouqdib covered Forbes Middle-East magazine and introduced TWG as the most luxurious tea brand in the world. In July 2015, Mohammed VI King of Morocco decorated him with the Order of Merit.

Online or in stores, the choice is huge between pure tea to filter oneself (black tea, green tea, white tea, Earl Grey...), traditional tea-bags (black tea, green tea, roses, Black Chai, chamomile, Indian tea, Caramel cream savor, Geisha Blossom Tea...), Iced Tea bags, perfect for summer (black tea, green tea, Darjeeling, mint, apple, jasmine savors...) or the Haute Couture collection with its lovely and fancy boxes. TWG also offers luxurious candles, boxes, plateaux, teapots and spoons for tea lovers looking for original gifts or new decorative interior elements.

Janvier 2017
By La rédaction