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The small feminine luxuries to offer or to be offered

A piece of unique leather goods, a connected mirror, an ultra-chic clutch or a necklace tribute to Baccarat, here are some good ideas to slip under the tree to fill these Miss and Mrs.

A unique bag by Lolo Chatenay

This is one of our favorite discoveries of the year, the customizable handbags from Lolo Chatenay where one chooses size, material, colors, flap and handles according to his tastes and desires. So why not fall in love with an original model Little ecru calf leather alligator style with its flap Rock'n'Roll Barbara Strass. Icing on the cake, the piece of leather goods is Made in France in workshops wit recognized techniques.

Price : 412 €

A Haute Couture pen

As we always need a nice pen into our bag to sign bundles of documents or note a few reminders, we opt for the Rose Copper Hemisphere model from the Private Collection by Waterman. This Made in France limited edition was inspired by Art Deco and the world of fashion. Chic !

Price : 115 €

A flowery clutch

Want to add a touch of colorful originality to a city or evening outfit ? The Joanique clutch in lacquered wood is adorned with floral motifs and mystic beaded prints for the delight of all fashionistas !

Price: 485 €

Clutches that do not have coldness in eyes

Kilian Hennessy celebrates the end-of-year with a collection of three unpublished clutches, all dressed in black and gold, each corresponding to one of the signature perfumes for women. "Do not be Shy", "Good girl gone bad "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi”, decorated with sexy messages in gilded metal, these clutches are inspired by cigarette cases of the ladies of the upper class in the early 20th century. Not to be missed.

Prices : From 205€ to 225 €

Never without my soup

Nothing like an homemade soup ! Philips SoupMaker, a device that automatically cooks and mixes your vegetables in record time (18 minutes), will help you get rid of the churn and mixer. With its program "creamy velvety", you can also indulge yourself with a good mushroom soup for example.

Price: 119,99 €

Say goodbye to nasty hairs

The bathroom is transformed into a beauty institute and unwanted hair is removed as a professional thanks to Philips' Lumea Essential, a pulsed lightless hair removal tool that offers optimal adjustment according to the target area and saves a lot of Time thanks to its XXL window.

Price: 249.99€

A glowing skin every day

Philips VisaPure Advanced allows you to clean your face thoroughly, erase dark circles, pockets and stimulate the vitality of your skin with three different easy-to-use tips. A simple and effective beauty ritual.

Price : 199,99 €

A connected mirror

Much more than a simple mirror, this beautiful piece with solid oak support allows you to admire your reflection but also to listen to music, to consult the information of the day, to watch a tutorial hairstyle or makeup, to chronometer your time under the shower or check the weather. Unbelievable.

Price: 399 € on Miliboo, brand Ekko

The Baccarat Necklace by Marie-Hélène De Taillac

The Parisian designer was inspired by the brilliance of the Baccarat chandeliers to imagine a necklace where the pendants of chandeliers come alive and mingle in a kaleidoscope of multicolored crystals. The octagons adorning the necklace are worn on the skin thanks to an aerial frame in 18 karats extremely fine yellow gold. Perfect to illuminate a cleavage and a face.

Price: 3 500 €

La vie en rose

You spend the New Year's Eve in the tropics of Saint-Barthelemy or under the sun of Mauritius ? You need a beautiful pair of sunglasses, like the pink model "Vega" of Max Pittion, House of legend founded in the years 20 in the Jura. This retro model pays tribute to the roots of the brand that produced spectacles for the biggest company, Lanvin and Azzaro to name a few.

Price: 555 €
Décembre 2016
By La rédaction