7 amazing Christmas logs

Chocolate, vanilla, exotic fruits and unique combination of savors, the greatest Chefs and Palaces are competing in imagination for you to enjoy delicious and beautiful Christmas logs with your beloved.

The yule log of Plaza Athénée

Angelo Musa, a winner of MOF price, the new pastry Chef of the Plaza Athénée, unveils a very sober yule log, returning to the classics that reflect the spirit of Christmas. Elongated and rounded, it recalls the curves of the cocoa bean, protected in its case made of milk chocolate and sublimated by gold powder. Its flavor combines hazelnut with vanilla and yuzu.

Price : 90€ for 6 to 8 persons

The floral creation of Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme

Pastry Chef Jimmy Mornet brings a lot of poetry to this festive dessert inspired by the famous Orchid, the emblematic flower of the palace that has named its gastronomic restaurant as a tribute to this monocotyledonous plant. This yule log consists of vanilla from Tahiti mixed with notes of mandarin and spices. Its chocolate base recalls the floral basins of the hotel.

Price: 80 € for 6 persons

"The wings of Butterfly" by Trianon Palace Versailles

Go straight to Versailles to buy the delicate creation of Pastry Chef Eddie Benghanem in collaboration with the company Deyrolle. Elaborated around Deyrolle's predilection themes of art, nature and education, it is based on a dark chocolate board imitating the raw wood with a tender heart stuffed with a lightly salted hazelnut praline. The cake itself is made up of a duo of dark chocolate and milk chocolate mousse, a caramel with passion fruit, a touch of lemon, a crispy bean Cocoa, a light cream with vanilla and a sugar cookie moscovado.

Price: 75 € for 8 persons

“Igloo” at the Hotel du Collectionneur

This year, Chef Joël Veyssière imagines an igloo with a northern and magical allure, all dressed in white, melting in the winter decor of the hotel of Rue de Courcelles. This creation consists of several creamy and original layers, confit of apples with truffle milk caramel and foam praliné with pecan.

Price: 80 € for 6/8 persons

The Sparkling Fir from Shangri-La Paris

The young prodigy of the palace on the Avenue Iéna reveals a very graphic bright red tree with multiple reflections. Passionate about design since childhood, Chef Michäel Bartocetti sketched his log and then implement it on a wood turner to create his customized prototype. This very fresh log, ideal after a king meal, reveals a crunchy hazelnut and puffed rice coated with a vanilla mousse scented with orange blossom. Its heart contains an almond and hazelnut biscuit from Piedmont and a flowing caramel with hazelnuts relieved with a tip of lemon.

Price: 108 € for 8 persons

The "Cloud" of Peninsula Paris

In reference to the Oiseau Blanc, the panoramic and gastronomic restaurant at Peninsula Paris, the Chef Antony Terrone presents his log strongly inspired by the first biplane which attempted the crossing of the Atlantic in 1927, under the orders of two French pilots Nungesser and Coli. Its heart contains a milk chocolate mousse and a soft biscuit with caramelized hazelnut and an oiled pear flavored with clementine. The creation is based on a crisp board in salted black chocolate and the plane was made of chocolate lined with a hazelnut praline.

Price: 110 € for 6/8 persons, 18 € at the Afternoon Tea

The Mandarin Oriental Christmas Ball

Pastry Chef David Landriot has created a cake in the shape of a sphere, the famous Christmas ball that we take pleasure in hanging on the family tree every year. The design is also inspired by the colors and textures of the restaurant Camellia and the Cake Shop of the palace. As for flavors, they are inspired by Asia with delicious black chocolate, banana cake, whipped cream with coconuts, lime jelly, creamy chocolate and the top pepper from Vietnam and compote in mango, banana & lime.

Price: 78 € for 6 persons
Décembre 2016
By La rédaction