The most expensive Snacks in the world

Truffle crisps, lobster burger and caviar donut, who said that Junk Food didn't go along with noble products... Worldwide tour of the most expensive and fancy snacks ever with Luxe Magazine.

St Erik Crisps

This sophisticated black box doesn't contain any fancy bracelet or watch but some fine crisps created by a Swedish brewer who wanted to invent the perfect crisp to eat with his IPA beer. This potato crisp also contains truffle, Matsutake mushrooms and onions.

Price : 53€ a box

Donut Luxury Zebra Co

The Donuts Dum Dum Donutterie chain created the most expensive donut ever at the latest Just Eat Food Festival in London. It features a dough made of Iran saffron, some caviar, some Crystal pink Champagne, Norman butter, Tuscan chocolate from Amedei Porcelana and gold leaves.

Price : 1 500£

Berco’s Billion Dollar Popcorns

We know the sweet, salted, colorful and caramelized pop-corn but we didn't know about the Berco's Billion Dollar Popcorns, sprinkled with the most expensive salt ever and adorned with 23 Karats edible gold. Enjoy !

Price : 474€ the box and 5€ THE pop-corn

Glamburger from Honky Tonk

In Chelsea neighborhood of London, Chef Chris Large from Honky Tonk restaurant offers one of the most expensive burgers ever. Its recipe is made of 220gr of Kobe beef, 60gr of New-Zealand venison, Canadian lobster poached in Iranian saffron, bacon with maple syrup, Brie with truffles, Beluga caviar, smoked duck's egg and white truffle stripes. The buns are adorned with edible gold leaves.

Price : 1 395€
Décembre 2016
By La rédaction