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Three new essential fragrances

Once again, we found three new fragrances, both sophisticated and heady, just for you. The rebirth of a Classic by Jean-Paul Gaultier or the latest creation by Michael Kors, here is a sparkling selection by Luxe Magazine.

Blanche Immortelle by Atelier Cologne

The Perfume House founded in 2009 makes us see the world through rose coloured glasses with "Blanche Immortelle", a feminine and flowery Cologne, smelling good Calabria's bergamot, Italian's tangerine and mimosa from Grasse. Not forgetting about rarest scents of Corsican absolute immortal, Indian Jasmine sambac, Haitian vetiver and Australian sandalwood.

Price : 95€ for 30ml, 165€ for 100ml and 240€ for 200ml

New Perfume essences by Jean Paul Gaultier

Created by Jean Paul Gaultier in the 90's, the couple "Classique Essence de Parfum" and "le Mâle Essence de parfum" are experiencing a makeover in 2016. The classical fragrance becomes greedy with its scents of spicy whipped cream, jasmine sambac and wood. "Le Mâle" still is really heady with its spicy citrus, leather notes and precious wood scents. The bottles still are chest-shaped but, the lady's one has got less breast and more hips and, the man's one has got more shoulders and less hips.
Prices : 76,77€ for 50ml of Classique, 108,35€ for 100 ml of Classique, 66,91€ for 75ml of Mâle, 94,12€ for 125ml of Mâle

"Wonderlust" by Michael Kors

The new feminine fragrance by the American designer is both sexy and captivating, evoking liberty, spontaneity and, yearning for excitement above all. We love its scents of Italian bergamot, almonds milk, pink pepper, marigold, Jasmine sambac, heliotrope, cashmere wood, Siam Benzoin and Sri-Lankan sandalwood.

Prices : 54€ for 30ml, 78€ for 50ml, 102€ for 100ml
Septembre 2016
By La rédaction