Mauritius, a wonderful island

Do you really want to spend another winter under a grey sky, without any ocean to dive in ? Great news, Mauritius Island is waiting for you with its summer weather and lucid waters. Don't forget to download the Island's app before traveling to this marvelous land, full of nature.

A surprising diversity

If you think that Mauritius is only made of turquoise oceans and white sandy beaches, you're completely wrong ! The Pearl of Indian Ocean is also full of rivers, waterfalls, impressing mountains and amazing coral reef. Within its 330km of coasts, among the most beautiful on the planet, you will find some paradisiac beaches and desert creeks, where you can discover no less than 600 species of fishes. The lagoon is a genuine treasure for scuba-diving lovers who will meet whales, dolphins, turtles, fishes, shellfishes and other mollusks.

You can also discover a lot of rare animal species on the island, from mongooses to Java deers passing by bats, monkeys, brown pigs as well as original birds (Mauritius budgie, pink pigeon...). Don't come back before having visited one of the stunning botanic gardens, really famous on the island. You will contemplate vacoas, filao, giant banyan from India and Dodo's trees.

The thousand and one activities' island

Feeling like having fun ? Mauritius is a paradise for activities lovers. If you really are into the sea, you have to experience your first scuba diving baptism while old boats lovers will explore the subsea floors, encountering caves, tunnels and canyons.
Feeling like adrenaline? It's high time for you to go surfing or kitesurfing, pushed by the southeast trade winds .

Feeling like chilling out ? Why don't you try big game fishing close to the reef.
Feeling like family activities? Embark on a kayak along the North and West coasts or go for an horse-riding within reassuring landscapes.

An inescapable app

It might be your first trip on Mauritius or not, you have to download MyMauritius app to prepare your travel or be inspired on site. Really simple and intuitive, it gathers all of the information you need about the Island's culture, activities, accommodations and best spots.

Septembre 2016
By La rédaction
Tourism Mauritius

Mauritius enjoys a relatively mild climate. Although temperatures are rather moderate throughout the year with occasional rainfall, the most pleasant times to visit the island are between the months of April and June and between September and December. As Mauritius is located in the southern hemisphere, the summer and winter months are opposite to seasons in Europe.

Duly filled and signed application forms are available at
Shopping hours in Mauritius’ main cities run from 9.30am to 7.30pm (Monday to Saturday). Some shops open until noon on Sundays and public holidays. Many duty free shops and modern shopping centres offer a wide choice of products
Remember that Mauritians drive on the left.