Delos Museum by Jean Pierre and Carolyn Heim

International architect Jean Pierre Heim chose Greece to launch his new Concept design proposal, a brand new Museum in Delos. A project imagined with his daughter Carolyn Heim.

A Fascinating Study of Contemporary Design

After the success of their recent book "Symbolism in Architecture Design",Jean Pierre Heim and his daughter Carolyn are working on a new concept, the design of new Delos Museum. As said by Jean Pierre : "this design Museum is a self driven proposal of our vision of the new Delos Museum". This marvel would be created on one of the most important archeological contest in the world.

Heim Delos

To pay tribute to the mythological characters of Apollo and Artemis, they imagined a museum based on the equilateral mythic triangle of DELTA : the symbol of Delos, in Greece. To build it, they will use granite stone, local vegetal and rocks, genuine symbols of energy. The museum's entrance will be protected from cold wind, lined up with a North South axe. They also plan to open a store, restaurant and coffee shop in it, alongside with craftsman boutique, a reconstruction temple, bookstore, amphitheater, modern cinema with 3D images projected...

Heim Delos

But, the most original thing, is their wish to make you access and exit the museum with three long concrete slabs bridges over a reservoir, collecting mostly rainy water during the winter and drainage in the ground. As Museum of Delos is located in the epic center of the Cycladic Island, it will have to be strongly protected as well as its visitors. You will be able to join each floor thanks to a giant spiral stair and, to capture the light and look at the sky, large glass triangular opening will be located on the higher part of the vault. You might didn't know that but light in Delos is supposed to be the strongest light of the World with Easter Island in the South Pacific.

Heim Delos
Mai 2016
By La rédaction