What about a Jimmy Choo Trunk ?

Believe it or not, Jimmy Choo just launched a High Heel's trunk for you to carry your favorite shoes, sandals and pumps all around the world. A special piece to celebrate the brand's 20th Anniversary.

Never without my Stilettos

Jimmy chOO

Thanks to Jimmy Choo, you can now bring 20 pairs of shoes with you when traveling. The trunk was created to pay tribute to the brand's first twenty years into the Luxury Heels business. A very important celebration for Sandra Choi, Jimmy Choo's Creative director who had the idea to create the trunk because she's addicted to shoes and has a personal obsession with collecting them.

Jimmy chOO

There's no shame to underline the importance of women's love affair with shoes and create a one-of-a-kind environment where ladies can house their most treasured models. As you can see, the trunk is really pure, luxurious and glamorous. It can welcome 20 pair of shoes from the Momento Collection and is now available worldwide.
Avril 2016
By La rédaction