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Your new signature scents

Madly refreshing, sparkling and woody : here are some new fragrances to give or receive as a gift !

" L'Eau de Paille "

Serge Lutens was inspired by the nature, wheat fields, green grass and South of France sun, to create "l'Eau de Paille", his new fragrance. This fourth version of Serge Lutens "Water Series" smells good vetiver, cereals, gladiolus and incense.

Price: 78€ for 50ml and 110€ for 100ml

Nina Pop

"Nina", iconic fragrance from Nina Ricci House is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a tangy version, all dressed in colorful peas, called "Nina Pop". The bottle takes the shape of an apple, inspired by pop-art and, its content smells good Pomme d'Amour. A sparkling and sweet fragrance.

Price: 54,70€

Rosa Excelsa

With its new fragrance, Dolce & Gabbana gathers two essential ingredients for the creation of a best-seller: the sweet smell of rose and a timeless Italian superstar for its advertising campaign: Sophia Lauren. In a delicate bottle whose cork is in a flower-shape, you will smell an intense fragrance made of "African Dog" roses (very rare South African roses) and Turkish roses.

Price: 54€ for 30ml, 71,50 for 50ml and 93,50 for 75ml

Caramella d'Amore

The Italian creator Silvana Casoli, founder of Il Profvmo, creates a new fragrance: "Caramella d'Amore", the declaration of love from a mother to her daughter... A sweet perfume which smells remind us of some childhood memories: pistachio, candy-floss, pop-corn, caramelized nuts and white violets.

Price: 95€ for 50ml, 135€ for 100ml and 2800€ for the Murano limited edition of 430ml
Février 2016
By La rédaction