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Moisturisation by Valmont

Dehydrated because of the cold weather, your skin is looking for help and needs high-quality cosmetics to moisturize gently. Don't panic, Valmont is here with its moisturizing ritual made of five products with texture comfort and precious active substances.

1) Moisturizing Serumulsion

A brand new product within Valmont moisturisation range, a care between cream and serum, very rich in invigorating active ingredients, perfect to moisturize your face's skin in the long term. To use daily, it prepares the skin for everyday life inflammations. Two key words: perfect moisturisation and ultimate comfort.
Price: 139€

2) Priming with an hydrating fluid

As light as air, this fluid is being used upstream to better prepare your skin to the care it's about to receive. It's also very useful in the middle of the day, when you need to freshen your skin tone. Icing on the cake: its delicate perfume.
Price: 98€

3) Moisturizing booster

While it was only reserved for Spa Valmont's prestigious clients, this care is now available in stores ! Its principle: provide a substantial stimulus to the skin's hydratation thanks to a formula full of hyaluronic acids which pump, replump and revitalise the driest skins.
Price: 135€

4) Moisturizing with a cream

A perfect smooth and velvety cream that deeply moisturizes skin. To use as a day cream to offers your skin the comfort and freshness it needs.
Price: 148€

5) Moisturizing with a mask

To apply in thin layers on your face, this mask replumps your skin in a record time while reducing wrinkles and improving skin's smoothness. A genuine sof cocoon.
Price: 145€
Février 2016
By La rédaction