Lili : Peninsula's Paris Cantonese restaurant !

Chinese Gastronomy full of flavors and authenticity: welcome to Lili, the Cantonese restaurant at Peninsula Paris !
Lili Peninsula

A worthy address

Beautiful setting, full of marble and gold with its impressive chandeliers and spectacular optical fiber's suspension : Lili strikes hard at Peninsula Paris ! Both luxurious and soft, perfect for a romantic dinner or a business lunch : this address is worth the wait !

A talented Chef and a traditional Cantonese gastronomy

Tang Chi Keung, former Chef of Peninsula Hotels in Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong (25 years of experience within the hotel's group), is the new Master in the kitchen. He's famous for having provided the "Terrasse Hei Feng" with its first Michelin Star in only a few years (2 years).

Lili Peninsula

At Lili's the traditional Cantonese gastronomy is highlighted but you will also discover some specialities from Hong Kong. On the menu, a quite classical range of meals as fishes, shellfishes, roasted duck and Dim Sum. Around Midday, you can enjoy a formula at 59 euros with steamed meat specialities and crispy chicken. At night, you can select whatever you want on the menu as Pyramid of mushrooms and braised pork, Blue Lobster sauté with ginger etc. Bon appétit !

Lili Peninsula
Janvier 2016
Lili - The Peninsula Paris
19 avenue Kléber
75116 Paris
Phone: +33 (0)1 58 12 66 05

Lunch Menu: 59 €
On the menu: between 80 and 120 €