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Institut Esthederm: 30 years of smoothness

Launched in 1985, the soft exfoliating cream by Institut Esthederm has become the little favorite of beauty specialists, top models but also consumers looking for a soft skin, completely cleaned. To celebrate its 30th birthday, Luxe Magazine and Esthederm share a method to perfectly prepare your skin in 3 steps.
30 years of sweetness with soft exfoliating cream

A deep cleaning in 3 steps

Whether yourskin isnormal, oily,dry or sensitive,you have to followone or twotimes a week, a deepcleaning processin 3 acts.Starting withthe make-up removingtochase away impuritiesand lastingtraces ofmake-up.Then goto theeliminationphase toremove impuritiesand clean your pores.Finally,exfoliateyour skin withamask toeraseandremove deadsurface cellsand smooth skin's texture.The result ?Perfect skin,cleaned with a preserved cutaneousecosystemandrefinedgrain.Not to mention asharp reduction in thediameter of the poresand a skinmore receptiveto the effectivenessof care,from application to application.

Exfoliation tips

What products should you use? Just those of the range Osmoclean by Institut Esthederm, effective for 30 years like the soft exfoliating cream, a " must-have ", or the hydra-replenishing cleaning milk and clarifying gum mask.

The Institut Esthederm Osmoclean packs

And since a bonus is always welcome, we also recommend you to use the Cellular Water Spray by Institut Esthederm , a revolutionary water for all types of skins, real source of energy and cellular vitality optimizing healing effects from the previous treatment. Best of all: it also helps to fix the makeup!

Everybody love the "Cellular water"
Septembre 2015
By La rédaction
Price: Soft exfoliating cream Osmoclean, limited edition: 29,80 euros for 75ml,
Clarifying Mask gum Osmoclean: 34 euros for 75ml,
Cellular Water: 20 euros for 100ml,
Makeup remover milk hydra-replenishing Osmoclean: 20 euros for 200ml