Paris goes crazy about (food) trucks!

Paris has embraced a new phenomenon: the "food trucks" and their dynamic young owners who, under-financed, are driving around in trucks and other itinerant forms of transportation... With Thierry Marx as the movement's leader, refractories had better watch out! And, who would be capable of refusing a "foie gras" burger? Certainly not Luxe Magazine...

"Le camion qui fume", pioneer of the phenomenon

A inescapable phenomenon

Surfing on two huge trends: the "street" and the "fooding", the "street food" phenomenon has become inescapable even though predictable. On the one hand, the urban culture and the street art have been that popular that lines for some Paris exhibitions have reached records: 4 hours in line to visit the "Tour 13" event and a big excitement for "Dali fait le mur", a most recent one. Not to mention some urban music pioneers artists as Pharrell Williams and Kanye West collaborating and being good friends with some luxurious designers as Karl Lagerfeld, Moncler or Riccardo Tisci from Givenchy house. On an other hand, the passion for gastronomy has escalated since a lot of TV shows hosted by Chiefs appeared as Masterchef for example. This is not a surprise if both trends' mix has been sensationalized in a well-deserve way.

Thierry Marx and "Street food en mouvement" (fast-moving street food)

Thierry Marx and the "Street food en mouvement" association

Star chief, really creative and well known for his jury role in "Top Chef" TV show  as well as his gastronomy for Paris Mandarin Oriental,Thierry Marx is the president of "Street food en mouvement", a lobby defending and regulating the phenomenon. As a matter of fact, one of the key challenge of the TV show was to cook some classic gastronomy in food trucks. According to chief Marx, street food is a real "social issue" which "would create more than 50 000 jobs within the next two years" and to tackle the unemployment issue, he also created a special university. Because of course, one of the advantage of street food is that it's cheaper than opening a physical restaurant: "you can launch yourself with limited capital". And with almost prohibitive renting costs in Paris, the food trucks challenge was brilliantly done.

Junk-food alternative

Coming from all around the world, the street-food's owners and chiefs are making a point of ensuring high-quality to their meals. Street-food is not a copy of Mc Donald's and Co... Most of the time, products used are natural, organic and are an alternative to junk-food with a fast and healthy meal. Burgers are re-invented and the big "stars" of this phenomenon even if there are plenty other choices as: Asian gastronomy, Mexican, French, Mozzarella bar... Luxe Magazine made its own selection for you to discover below.

"Le Canard Huppé"

Created by Bruno Viala, chief from South West of France, this food truck offers some meals cooked around the delicious duck. "Foie Gras" burgers, smoked fillets, duck skewers with honey...

Eat The Road

This food truck parked at Neuilly-Sur-Seine on the Market Place highlights the French regions by only offering some 100% made in France meats and poultry. And to add some glamor, the truck installed its own terrace: a champagne bar.

"L’atelier d’Épicure"

A real nomadic French bistrot and its daily menu made of fresh and seasonal products. To eat as much as you like: some big salads with farm products, vegetables lasagnas, "filet mignon" and one of their specialties, the homemade almonds cake.

"Mes bocaux" by Marc Veyrat

In Paris 8th district, the star chief from Haute-Savoie created his truck offering some glass jars, perfect for blanquette of veal addicts!
Janvier 2015
By La rédaction