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A smell of French History...

100% made in France, HISTORIAE house uses French History to create some top level fragrances, soaps and candles. Let yourself and your house get imbued by France's culture, expertise and creativity. To be discovered and for sale in several famous French museums and castles while enjoying the country's heritage. To be honest, the editorial had a big crush on " Jardin de Le Nôtre "!

Pascale Oger, HISTORIAE founder

Jardin de Le Nôtre

One of the most famous French garden designers, André Le Nôtre, gives name to this fragrance made of several flowers like the narcissus, rose and tulip. A luxuriant vegetation we all want to pick from the grass and smell again and again.

Marie-Antoinette's Hameau de la Reine

While living in Versailles, the famous queen had her own cottage to enjoy nature with her children. "Hameau de la Reine" is a unique fragrance bringing you back to this era and smelling good flowers with green and fresh touches. An other fragrance, “Bouquet du Trianon” is also dedicated to the queen, made of her favorite flowers.

Orangerie du Roy and Rose de France

Orange blossom was Louis XIV favorite perfume and now it's your turn to fall in love with this lovely smell thanks to the "Orangerie du Roy" fragrance. On an other side, roses always have been popular and defined as the “perfect flower”. François 1st considered it as perfection and symbol of the Renaissance: a scent to discover again thanks to "Rose de France" fragrance.

Others fragrances but also soaps, home fragrances and candles are available and will teach you even more anecdotes about French heritage.
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