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Fresh Finish

It's finally here! The solution we've all been waiting for has been unveiled by Make Up Forever with miracle powder, Pro Finish.

Make up forever presents a new easy solution for a perfect skin tone. Not only is Pro finish powder stress-free and suitable for all occasions, it fixes the essentials while being almost invincible. The idea was to provide something easy and efficient for fashion and show-business professionals. Danny Sanz, founder of the make-up brand, was aiming for something technical and simple to apply. We're all nostalgic of the summer days spent on the beach…Flushed cheeks, golden skin, full salty hair… Pro Finish by Make up forever gives you the chance to stay glamorous all year long with a natural glow that leaves you satisfied in just seconds. It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s Pro Finish.
Octobre 2013
By La rédaction