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Royal Escape

A few minutes from Paris and a stone’s throw from the Versailles Palace, the Trianon Palace highly deserves its reputation! Beautiful services, pastoral setting and a Guerlain spa made the magazine editor quiver with pleasure!

Versailles for ever

Not only does the Trianon Palace enjoy its proximity with the French capital, but it also shares with the Palace itself the royal gardens, including Queen Marie Antoinette’s make-believe farm with its sheep, goats and horses grazing not far…Thoroughly renovated in a classical although contemporary style, the Palace still welcomes as many super-guests as last century, while proposing the XXI century amenities of a five starred hotel. Suites and rooms display sober cotton color hues from sandy to silky browns, encasing velvet-covered armchairs. Nothing revolutionary, but a soft architecture for a beautiful bedding.

The Guerlain Spa

But the Trianon treasure is its 3,000m2 Guerlain spa, entirely decorated by FionaThompson. It runs on three levels, comprising 23 skincare cabins surrounding the 200m2 swimming-pool with a bright skydome. A must for the long Winter days… Let’s admit the prices are rather expensive, but the professional cares and the guests’ welcome are worth it! A special note for the Trianon Imperial Care. On the menu: a face and body care matching the season, with hot or cold protocols. First, you are in for a relaxing foot bath, figuring what will follow. Then comes the skin exfoliation, followed by a seaweed wrapping, easily removed as it stays supple, then a Guerlain traditional face modelling, and finally cold or hot massaging heads (less satisfying).
The result: while massages with Imperial Cologne Water relax and energize your feet, your skin becomes soft and wrinkleless, and your body is purified and hydrated in depth. Let yourself enjoy the moment!

Price: 250 € (1h30) 

Mars 2013

The editor’s advice:

This is a too-forgotten address, as it is only 20 minutes from Place de l’Étoile.
It’s a real oxygen breath at a stone’s throw from Paris, in a wonderful pastoral setting. When you open your windows in the morning, you can see the sheep grazing in the pasture in front of you! This is the place to be for those who can’t afford a lot of free time but need to forget the insane Parisian rhythm!
Guerlain Spa for ladies, swimming-pool for gents, but you may dine together at the brasserie or the gastronomic restaurant.
Ask for rooms facing the park.


Trianon Palace Versailles

1 boulevard de la Reine

78000 Versailles 

Tél.: +33 (0)1 30 84 51 40

The Guerlain spa proposes face and body cares, as well as massages, manicure, pedicure, make-up lessons or Silhouette Minceur care (slim silhouette).
 Men welcome!

Face care from 145 €

Body Modelling from 145 €