Martell: the Golden Globe Cognac

Designer Eric Gizard and Martell Cognacs came together to celebrate Pinnacle, their latest product: Gold, by Jean Martell. Verdict: a blend of perfume and art to carry you high!

Whatever the bottle? Oh, no!

Needless to say Martell House would never neglect the bottle for the content. Speaking of content, the tri-centennial cognac maker is proposing with its Gold series a sumptuous nectar, born from 4 exceptional vintages mixed with 400 eaux-de-vie, some of them more than a hundred year old. It needs, of course, an exceptional bottle, matching the blend sophistication.

Sèvres crystal and leather dome

The main concept of the project: « to wrap up Jean Martell’s Gold in several leather skins which slowly give way to the liquor, so as to ritualise its pouring” is embodied in a Sèvres crystal bottle topped by a leather dome, wrapped up in a delicate thermoformed fabric. The precious bottle is therefore ready to be put on the shelves, once opened and tasted!

Février 2013
By Sean Cloud

2500 euros per bottle