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Lalique, a tribute to men!

Over the past 20 years, Lalique Parfums has composed wonderful fragrances for men. Today, Hommage à l’homme is a perfume dedicated to the traveller, the man always moving and leaving behind only a memory, the memory of a strong fragrance.

Notes of elegance

Known for over a hundred years for its crystal work and since twenty years for its classic perfumes, the Lalique house puts all its know-how in the creation of a fragrance bringing an ode to masculinity. The woody notes together with the floral and spicy accents contribute to the soul of this perfume, designed for smart and elegant men. The bottle itself is as always a work of art. Entirely made out of crystal and inspired by René Lalique 1929’s "Joueur de Pipeau ", its unique Art Deco style and fine craftmanship is the work of four master glassmakers. A unique piece and an invitation to travel in style.

Price: 1 200€

Février 2012