Chef Gordon Ramsay goes to Vegas!

Michelin Star Chef Gordon Ramsay, known not only for his refined cuisine, but also his TV personality on several hit programs such as "Kitchen Nightmares" has generated world-wide attention and entertained viewers on six continents. Nothing more natural for such a man to be invited by the prestigious Paris Las Vegas hotel to open the hotel’s brand new Gordon Ramsay Steak restaurant.
A Chef and Entertainer

Gordon Ramsay is not only famous for his exceptional skills as a Chef but also as a TV star. His straightforward attitude and his charisma made him one of the most renowned Chefs worldwide. A necessary quality in a place such as Vegas where the new chef will have to fill a 274 seats contemporary steakhouse. An exciting challenge for Guy Savoy’s former student in a city that is eager to discover his work in a place entirely dedicated to him. The menu selections will range from traditional steakhouse fare with delectable cuts of beef to Ramsay's signature fish and chips and Shepard's Pie. A knowledgeable improvement in Vegas culinary world. Verdict this Spring!

Février 2012

Gordon Ramsay