Haute cuisine meets the opera

It was the gastro-cultural buzz of the summer: after a 136-year long wait, the Palais Garnier finally houses a restaurant worthy of its name. And with double Michelin starred chef, Christophe Aribert, at the helm and a futuristic-style décor courtesy of French architect Odile Decq, it’s no wonder this opera house was summer’s hot topic…

The ghost ship…

After five years of work and more than a century of discussions, the Opera Garnier’s restaurant finally opened its doors on the 27th June. It was Odile Decq who breathed life into the Palace with her delightful décor, all whilst respecting the strict guidelines surrounding historical monuments. Her trick was to opt for fittings that are completely distinct from the building’s historical elements, thus making the whole process entirely ‘reversible.’ Once she had navigated her way around these constraints she was left with the task of maintaining the theatre’s architectural glory, whilst affirming its contemporary character. Worthy of special mention are the mezzanine, the veil of undulating glass that makes up the restaurant’s façade, the overwhelming feeling of being on a ship and the clear view of the voussoir. The 500 m2 perfectly positioned terrace is also well worth a visit…

Classic or contemporary?

As a lover of local produce and with a passion for taste, Christophe Aribert could hardly serve us the old spiel on the sacredness of the ‘mixture of traditional and modern.’ And for good reason: the two star chef takes a radical approach to his cooking, offering, for several dishes, two variants of the same dish – classic or contemporary. A nice idea, which perfectly completes his mouth-watering menu, mixing lobster, whiting and guinea fowl, depending on the time of year. You are sure to return!

Octobre 2011
By Estelle BURGET
Palais Garnier
Place JacquesRouché
75009 Paris
Tél.: 01 42 68 86 80