A taste of Louis XIII

Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII will certainly be long associated with numerous historic places, events and people, such as the Paris Universal Exhibition, the Royal Courts, the Orient-Express, the Normandie ocean liner, Charles De Gaulle, France’s first Christmas as a free country and even the maiden flight of Concorde… Be a part of the next celebration!

Oak wood, crystal and Louis XIII

Five kilos of molten crystal have been blown to hold the Louis XIII, all of which is protected by an oak wood case. With a capacity four times greater than that of the traditional Jeroboam, Rémy Martin has certainly pulled out all the stops. Each carafe is unique and accompanied by a pipette, a tool usually reserved to the house’s Cellar Masters, and four crystal tasting glasses.
This is an impressive collector’s item, allowing you to discover and share the unique taste of Louis XIII. With its floral notes and spicy tones, the Louis XIII lingers in the mouth for over an hour after tasting and certainly knows how to delight the palates of cognac-lovers.
This boxed set is available in limited edition only, of course, since all good things are hard to come by, and will be reserved for just a privileged few.

Septembre 2011
By Natacha Pavol