The Balvenie: It’s not every day you turn 40!

150 bottles in the world, of which just 10 are in France : you don’t need a maths degree to recognise that only a handful of connoisseurs will get the chance to try the limited edition 40-Year Old Balvenie whisky. Despite setting you back a lofty £2500 for just a few centilitres of pleasure, this powerful and complex single malt, is a must for enthusiasts everywhere…

Since 1892...


For those who for some reason have not heard of the legendary distillery, the Balvenie, it is worth noting that very little has changed since the distillery was built in 1892, so firmly attached to respecting the traditional methods of production are its founders. The result is that Balvenie’s Malt Master, David Stewart, who is recognised for his talent of selecting the best casks in which to mature each whisky, has enabled William Grant & Sons to become six-time winners of the coveted ‘Distillery of the Year’ title. An achievement that has served only to inspire the company to each time exceed itself. Indeed, last May’s 40th birthday celebrations are proof of their success in this venture.

The midday demon


To create this second batch of the 40-year old spirit, David Stewart has patiently selected and combined the rarest whiskies of the Balvenie distillery, thus producing a refined and complex single malt with floral notes. The result ? This second opus with its rounded flavour ranging from creamy sweet vanilla and butter caramel to fresh fruits, ought really to stand out as the jewel in the crown of the single malts. Take note, enthusiasts !

Juin 2011
The Balvenie