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The Hotel du Domaine de la Bretesche, an astonishing place to discover

If you venture into the heart of the Brière Natural Reserve, that extends over 200 hectares, you will discover a magic place: the Domaine de la Bretesche. It is a superb, ancient 15th century castle, with, a stone’s throw away, a lake and its peaceful waters. In those days, King Francois 1st hunted here on the lands belonging to the barons of Roche-Bernard. The Hôtel de la Bretesche, Relais & Châteaux, is housed in the former and magnificent dependences of the castle. Thanks to its glass windows, it has a splendid view of the castle, with its towers and pinnacles pointing upwards towards the sky, the lake, a 18-hole golf course and an age-old forest. A charming place to bring your family or for just the two of you for a romantic weekend get-away or for the whole week.

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In the bond-stone square courtyard...

In the blond-stone square courtyard whose walls reflect the sun of the Loire region, you cannot help but marvel at the two-hundred years of existence of a Linden tree in the lovely little Bishop’s garden. Under the tree’s majestic shade, a whole series of plants in blossom are hidden.
This small yard is the strategic point of this domain, which lets you go in and out, to your fancy, to the House of Beauty, the Montaigu restaurant, the club house or even golf and tennis courts through a hidden door.


Intimate places

At nightfall, the Montaigu Restaurant (a one star in the Michelin guide), invites you for a gourmet treat. The chef draws his inspiration from fresh market products in season, to offer you mouth-watering, gourmet delights.
The rooms and suites furnished in Pierre Frey,Manuel Canovas and Kenzo style, with their walls adorned with sumptuous fabrics, reveal their own distinct atmospheres, cultivating a boudoir, rustic or even a contemporary spirit.
Only the bar set up in the former stables has kept the authentic horseboxes and stalls, the marble troughs and the wrought iron gates.


The spa, a house of beauty

A lovely surprise to discover this avant garde spa at this classical hotel of a grand tradition. In no time, the spa director has determined our individual weaknesses and ways to remedy them. In his eyes, this centre has none of the trappings of your run-of-the-mill Institute, rather the client should be well aware of what he is entering. This is indeed a "house of beauty". A wellness place where the guest is guided by tried and tested advice and competent hands. No assembly-line style care here, but rather a trilogy of treatments at a non-hectic pace, to really pamper you. Amidst the "trilogy of stone, water, fire, there is also wind or wood", the favourite themes for an establishment along the likings of Bretesche, you will need at least a week to try everything out.

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Domaine de la Bretesche (Relais & Châteaux)
44780 Missilac France
25 km from la Baule
T: +33 (0) 2 51 76 86 96
Fax: + 33 (0) 40 66 99 47
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